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This page provides links to guidelines produced on the BBC website My Web My Way on accessibility help, enabling computer users to make the most of the internet whatever their ability or disability.  We hope these prove helpful. There are lots of other websites who also provide information and guidance on accessibility.  If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us  

My Web My Way Website

The my web my way website is broken down into easily accessible guidelines under the categories:-

We have provided links both onto the my web my way website, direct to each category and direct to each guideline below, to enable you to find the help you need with ease. When you click the hyperlink the page will open in a new window in your browser, to return to the AMIS site click the back arrow.

Make your keyboard easier to use

Change keyboard settings on your computer

Use the keyboard with one hand

Using the onscreen keyboard

Common keyboard shortcuts

Make your mouse easier to use

Make your mouse left handed

Slow down your mouse

Alternatives to keyboard and mouse

Use voice recognition

Use your keyboard to control your mouse

Keyboard &  mouse guidelines

Change text and background colours

Change your fonts

Magnify your screen

Make the mouse pointer easier to use

Make your computer speak aloud

Make your text larger

Overview on screenreaders and talking browsers

Vision Guidelines

Change your fonts

Make your computer speak aloud

Make your text larger

Overview on screenreaders and talking browsers

Check your spelling and grammar

Dictionary and thesaurus software overview

Overview smart word prediction

Overview on symbol browsers

Use voice recognition

Word Guidelines

 Visit the google tranlsate page


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